Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't think of titles anymore

Just finished watching the last 45 minutes, or 1.5 hours, or something, of The Shining, whilst I polished my old St. Christopher necklace. Let me tell you, that is still the scariest movie ever. I am all weirded out yet again.
Busy weekend - Friday my cousin from Cowtown came to town, so I had my family over for pizza and wine. Well, the wine was mostly my cousin and me, so I was animated and had everyone rolling on the floor with my impressions of family members and such, so it's all good. I forget how much I miss him until we get together. Then Saturday was spent trying to do yardwork, but the frigging weather turned bizarrely cold and the wind was like a frigging N'or Easter' and my lawn mower kept conking out from the cold, and then the rain started so we took the kids shopping to Sears for winter boots, and then we took them to High School Musical 3, which they were so excited to see, but let me tell you, it's so frigging lame. I admit, the first two I kinda sorta like, but this one was so jumbled I couldn't even figure out what the main plot actually was. I was horribly disappointed, but the kids weren't so it's all good. And it cost 30 bucks to get in, but over 30 for food - I got the large popcorn and drink deal (diet went to fucking hell this weekend, but tomorrow is another day) daughter #2 got the kids popcorn and drink thing and daughter #1 got the nachos and drink to share with mama, and it came to like 32 bucks. Thank God we smuggled in the Skittles.....
Today it was earth-shatteringly cold. But I went for my usual weekend walk on the trails for about 1.5 hours and then came home, threw a costco ham in the oven, and then proceeded to do about 3/4 of my Xmas lights. I had to quit when I couldn't feel the hands. We also both couldn't do the peak above our living room window because it's so steep, so we may just say fuck it and have lights around the garage. We'll see. That bitch is steep and I don't like heights.
So back to the ham - I bought one of those Costco pre-cooked, pre-sliced hams for like 25 bucks. I always hated ham until I tried these. Anyway, since I am now an orphan I wasn't sure who the hell to ask about cooking a ham but I figured it out - I overcooked it but whatever. I also tried a cheese potato recipe with Campbell's Cheddar Cheese soup, but it wasn't anything I'd eat again. Thank God I cooked perogies as a back-up. Then as we are eating, I notice the Mrs. has no ham on her plate (she's a semi-vegetarian, but ham is one thing she'll eat) so I berate her like I was doing all day (I was trying to get on her nerves in that cutesy way only husbands can, when we think we are being cute but actually we are being annoying, and thus our chances of sex go out the window, even though that's what the being cute thing is supposed to do - put ya in the mood - I guess we men have to rework that strategy since tonight I am as chaste as Kristie McNicol back in the day). So I ask why she has no ham since we paid like 23 bucks for this thing and I assumed we were eating it for a few days so she gets some and then says she was grossed out at Xmas when she saw a raw ham and saw where the blood vessels were and shit and I didn't know this so I was quizzing her and wouldn't let it drop until finally she took the piece of ham and threw it towards my plate and said "nevermind, I am done". So now all I keep thinkin about is that we have 3/4 of a ham in the fridge and now *I* am also grossed out thinking of pig veins and such, even though I am not sure of what she is talking about.
That's the one thing about chicken breasts - you never know when you'll get a vein. How hideous is that? Fuck me gently with Dom Delouise's ham bones, I don't want to be seeing any veins in my chicken.
So yeah, that's my weekend. Oh, and Friday, we also met with our banker who gave us our financial plan - on paper we look wonderful... LOL. Anyway, we meet again in a month, for a two hour meeting... whoo hooo. I kept saying to the Mrs., "if we look this good on paper, daddy gets a Durango." I don't know what it is about those American made gas guzzlers, but I've always had a hard-on for them, and it must be middle-age crisis, because I can't stop thinking about getting one. How fucking stupid is that?? But whatever, I didnt' buy that crazy house with all the work needed, so let me have some fucking gas sucking American SUV. LOLOL, as much as I always swear my next vehicle will be a Honda or Toyota, it never seems to happen. Anyway, I'll get over my Durango thing I am sure.... or I'll be driving one by Friday......
What else.... OH! sad news... My laptop died..... My darling wife actually was telling me to go get another one today but I hesitated because we want to get the kids a new computer for Xmas so I feel strange spending 600 bucks (there's a cheap one that will do the trick) on a laptop when it's close to the holidays. We are turning our "Craft closet" upstairs into a computer area for the kids - it is originally a closet for the washer and dryer, which we moved downstairs because of space and noise, and the kids use it for a craft area but we think we'll turn it into a workstation thingy.
My goatee is hideously long in this gross kind of way, but I refuse to trim it because it's so much fun to yank on. Like I'll just pull on it and feel like I am making some huge decision, like I am Rasputin or something. But it's scraggly and ugly, so I will trim it. But it's fun to yank it and pretend I am thinking deep thoughts.
Confession time - I don't know who Rasputin is - I was listening to my favorite lesbians, the Indigo Girls, today on my walk, and you know how in "Closer to Fine" there is that line ".... with a poster of Rasputin and a beard down to his knees... " That's where that came from.
So who do you think will get in in the States? I know I have always said I never liked Obama, but I am so excited at the prospect of a Black president, I could shit myself, if I was bunged up from all the ham I ate tonight. But tell me, who names their kid Barrack? And back to Sarah Palin - I swear, last night I was watching SNL reruns and I couldn't tell her from Tina Fey - freaky-ass shit.
Oh, I bought the stupid Marsha Brady book. What a waste of money. It is soooo boring.... So boring...... i might as well write a book about getting my teeth cleaned or something - it would be just as interesting. She is literally done talking about the series by page 50.
Anyway, I better run so I can finish the book - nothing like an unfinished book to get on your nerves.
Have a lovely week peoples.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MP3 Random songs.

Ok, quickie new post a la Chunks - going to hit random on the MP3 and tell you about the first 10 songs:
Innocent (With an Explantion) - Luba - Whoa, any Luba reminds me of Swift Current, SK for some reason. I bought the Luba ep there. I walked to the Swift Current Mall to buy it. Anyway, I love this song, but never listen to it.
Hanginaround - Counting Crows - I really liked the Crows, one of the few bands I liked in the 90s, but the lead singer annoyed me
Escape (the Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes - I have childhood memories to this song so I can't dis it. It reminds me of being at my parents' friends' house, the Wymers, who had a pool and while they didn't have cable they always had Kraft Cheese and Crackers on hand. i remember listening to it on their radio. I knew a girl once who thought the song was called "If you like me Nikolada". I ain't making any of this up. Anyway, I love making love in the dunes of the cape too.
Easy Lover - Phil Bailey and Phil Collins - I love this album, Walking on the Chinese Wall, but it reminds me of vomiting. In grade 9, 1985, my dad was out of town and we ordered pizza, a loaded with feta cheese on it, and I ate like fucking Carnie Wilson, and then my sister took me to A & A Records and I bought this album and then the next morning I felt so sick and my mom was trying to make me go to school and then I puked in my garbage can whilst watching Donahue interview Cher. It was the first time I puked through my nose and kept blowing chunks of meat out my schnoz.... I didn't eat pizza for two years.
Love Bizarre - Sheila E. - I love this song. Grade 10 all the way. So sexy, this song. We all want a love bizarre, don't we? Shoulda been #1.
Caught up in You - .38 Special - not really sure why this is on here....... But it brings back memories... .but again, nothing I listen to unless its on the radio... but it reminds me of my aunt and uncle's old farm.... dunno why.
Better Not tell her - Carly Simon - I love this song... nothing to say about it though...
A Million Miles Away - Plimsouls - OMG, classic. From my fave teen movie, Valley Girl. This means so much to me. Reminds me of when I'd wish we'd move to the Valley so I could fall in love and listen to cool music. Seriously. OMG, I love this song. Memories....
Van Halen - Dreams - No idea why that's on here.... hmmm....
Attitude Dancing - Carly Simon - why 2 Carly songs when I hit random? Something is fucked up...
Boogie on Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder - my favorite saying.
Take my Heart - Corey Hart - love this romantic song. Reminds me of walking though the mall by A & W as a teenager... not entirely sure why...
At the Feet of the Moon - Parachute Club - Love this song. Reminds me of Swift Current too, for some reason. I used to think the singer was a man... LOLOL, seriously....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I so don't understand the whole Canadian voting thing. I really don't. I don't want to vote for some hillbilly MP - I want to vote for the leader. Like, seriously, it doesn't even matter who the fuck I vote for anyway, because Saskatchewan has like, what, a dozen ridings? Whooooooo, we can change the fucking nation. Even if I could somehow get out there and convince every other sad sack in this province to vote for the frigging Marijuana Party or some other such freak thing, we would never be changing the nation. No, we'd be a sidebar in the election coverage: "This is Lloyd Robertson. Saskatchewan has been sweeped by the Ganja Party! Now, on to Quebec, where it really matters."
Like seriously, we could all vote for the Lesbian Midgets Party, and it would mean nothing. But in Quebec, well, they vote to become their little Island of cheese eaters, and it effects everyone. Like tonight, they were going on and on that if Harper wanted a majority, he'd have to win seats in Quebec, because apparently every fucking poutine stand is it's own vote rich riding. But since they couldn't win those, Old Harpie didn't get his majority. Well fuck me up the ass with a chainsaw, but it annoys me that they decide who we get because they have so many seats. Honest to God, where the hell is reform for voters? And they are talking about some candidate in Quebec tonight and they mention that he is immensely popular there because he is on some French Soap Opera. WTF? This is Canada? I don't think so. And you know, in theory, I am all about the Liberals on paper. But since they wouldn't cross the street to piss on anyone out west if they were on fire, since all the important votes for them are in seat rich Ontario and Quebec, well, fuck em. But then that means I am stuck voting NDP, which I do believe in but I know will never form a government federally, so I feel like I am just throwing the fucking vote away. I am just so disillusioned.
OK, rant over. At least Harper didn't get a majority. I would rather give my vote to Screech from Saved By the Bell than to that phony evil hair-helmuted wisenheimer.
So anyway. I am so frigging tired. We just spent 4 days in Edmonton. I post on that later. Just had to rant about the election. now I must be on my quest to find a wii for xmas. wish me luck!