Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oh whatever

So where was I? Lololol oh stop it, bloggers, you know Facebook killed the radio star, right? I'm actually trying to blog from my phone, and that in itself is scary shit. I have no idea if it will even work, so goonie goo goo bitch. Anyway, what's new, you ask? Not a whole lot, really. Spent the summer camping where we camped the year before, in a spot with no cell service, power, running water or flush toilets. It was fucking amazing, and each year, I feel more and more closer to Pa Ingalls. Now that it's fall, I'm busy with work and I'm busy with teaching too - I'm teaching two classes on the side, and I'm faking that shit until I make it. This is the first year the kids are all in school full time. Kids are grades 8, 6, 4, and 1. This shit is flying by, hey? Anyway, I spent the summer camping and slowly cleaning out my room in the basement. My "room" consisted of all my books, CDs, junk, and clothes. Anyway, once this room was cleaned out, each kid could have their own room, so that was my motivation over my capitalistic, hoarder tendencies. So, this summer, I've gotten rid of no less than 15 big garbage bags of books and then last week, I got rid of at least 300 CDs. We moved 4!big bookshelves into the main rumpus room, and my cd shelves in the laundry room. Oddly, I had no real problem with parting with books, but CDs have turned out to be another story. I was in Value Village last night and saw my fucking cds. Even though my motto was if you haven't played it in a decade, ditch it, I nevertheless saw racks of my CDs, from Roxette to the spin Doctors to Celine to Mariah to Peter Murphy.  I got rid of most of my 1990s shit - Duncan Sheik? Eagle Eye Cherry? Vertical Horizon? Wtf? It's gone now. I'm ok. Sort of.
Anyway, here's to a tiny hope I'll pick up the blog again. Xo you bitches. Keep shit real, ok?
Seacrest Out.