Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I have nothing to say really. It is Saturday morning and I am at work - I am supervising some exams that are being written - they should be done soon, I think - so I thought I would pop in here and say something, although I have nothing to say. I am preoccupied because I have to urinate and preoccupied because my lower back sort of hurts and is sending aching pains down my legs, so I am basically achy and have to pee. It's the getting old. It's been a CRAZY week. Crazy. Work is busy as all get out. I have some new duties that I haven't wrapped my head around, so it will be an interesting next few months. Ah, roll with it, fat man.....

I say fat because I feel really fat. I am up about 10 lbs from the big loss at xmas, which isn't horrible, but it means I am not fitting my skinny clothes, and so I need to remedy that because I want to be down these 10 lbs so I can shop at the Hollister outlets when we go to California, and ain't nothing going to fit this fat ass there if I stay the same. Did I mention that we might go to CA? We might. I am still not sure if we can afford it, but whatever - we are planning on maybe taking the kids out of school the first two weeks of June (or the end of May or something) and drive to California. We sort have planned a neat little road trip - Yellowstone, Lava Hot Spings, the parks in Utah, Vegas (which apparently is chock full of kids crap to do if you look hard enough, although I have no desire to go there myself really, because I am a stick in the mud), ghost towns in the desert, and then a week in Anaheim, where we'll go Disney, Knott's, the beaches, etc. I think it will be fun - the girls are awesome travellers - it's just baby who is a crap shoot. Anyway, we are thinking of doing that, so I spend all my time looking up interesting things to do.

What else..... well, I really have nothing to say. I am so frigging sick of winter. Seriously, this is the worst winter I can remember - well, the winter of 81/82 was hideous, but otherwise, this is the worst. I feel like I am in Narnia, waiting for Aslan to kill the frigging queen and melt the fucking snow. It's supposed to be plus 2 or something today, but really, I remember years where at this time I'd have my bike out. Man, I sound old, don't I?

I turned 39 the other day. Let's not go there. I can't wrap my head around that.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


What the fuck happened to youtube?? Seriously, WTF?? Have I been out of touch? I go looking to see the video for "White Girl" by X and there is nothing. I go looking for Gypsy, and nothing... THEY REMOVED ALL THE FUCKING VIDEOS.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just watching "Nightbird" again tonight - I've always been sort of haunted by this song, since 1983... over half my life.... anyway, as I have said here before, this song, and "Gypsy", have taken on a new meaning for me because now they remind me of my mom, as both songs are about Stevie's best friend Robin. I found this quote from Stevie from back then:

"This song does extend from Edge of Seventeen; it's about the difficulties of female rock 'n' roll singers; it's about my friend Robin, it's about death, it's a spirit calling. Wearing boots all summer long is like, always being ready for a flood or avalanche to happen, for the worst to happen. Because when you really look at life, all the money, material things and dreams we all search after could not save one small girl."~Stevie Nicks, On the song, Nightbird/Wild Heart Press Kit, 1983

A-fucking-men, Stevie......

But not to bum you out, I'll leave you with a funny - in this one, Stevie on Solid Gold, there is a part where this dude comes out and dances with her, and I remember this performance so well as a 13 year old, because I spent way too much time fantasizing I was him, dancing on tour in the Stand Back number each night - if you don't have time for the whole video, he comes out at about 2 minutes and 2o seconds or so.... LOLOL, there is a clip of him dancing with her on SNL somewhere, which was even a better performance, I remember, and that's the one I had on tape. Seriously, I feel retarded even somewhat mentioning the depths of my Stevie fixation back then. And even though she was so coked up back then you couldn't figure out what the hell she was trying to say, I pretended I knew... LOLOLOL, I share too much......