Monday, November 07, 2005

So much to say and so little time to say it. Been an incredibly busy two weeks and it's almost midnight (blogging in bed) so I can't type long. I will honestly try to check in more often. 9 days now until baby is due, so I need to catch my zzzzs. I am not sleeping well, probably out of nerves. But anyway, before I go into anything, I need to ask this: What in the hell is this frigging Febreze "Scent Stories" bullshit? I watch that commercial all the damn time, and it just confuses me more and more each time I see it. Is it really some sort of player? Does it tell stories? Or is it just a stupid thing that looks like a cd player that blows stink all over your house? Please tell me, because if it is the latter, could there be a stupider invention? That's crazy - call it scent stories and make it look like a cd player? I can see all these arty fartsy execs sitting around the table and saying things like "Oh, we will tell a story with scent! How metaphorical!" and then some tam-wearing loonie will be all "Oh Tristan, you beast ,what a grand idea!" and then they will go into this whole bullshit thing about how a scent tells a story so it should be modelled on an audio player. Well, I am sorry, but that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. What next, a vacuum that looks like a frying pan? A blender that looks like a tv - I can see the ad now, some old woman saying "my vegetables tell a story when they are all blended up, on my blender tv". Anyway, had to get that off my chest.
Also, the Oil of Olay or Dove or whatever it is, that bitch who "is only 29" - well, she's gotta go. Next to Canadian Tire guy, she ruins commercials. "No, I'm only 29" - oh gimme a break sister, those crow's feet don't lie.
So those are the pet peeves of the month. Discuss.
So Jann Arden, I must report, was awesome. She sang the most depressing of her songs (but not "I Would Die For You" which is what I waited for all damn night), but she's so damn funny that she would have you wanting to cry or something one minute and then laughing so hard the next. I am so jealous of watching people on stage, because I want to be them. I want nothing more than to be a singer, on stage, having that connection. I fantasize about it all the time, and always picture myself singing my ass off. Certain songs are good for that. Springsteen's "The Rising" is one I always fantasize I am performing on stage, and getting the crowd going and being one with them. That song always makes me drift off into fantasyland, and, lol, I don't know why, but the entire "Celebrity Skin" cd by Hole, also makes me wish I was performing it, probably since I know Kurt or that Smashing Pumpkin REALLY wrote the songs.. heheh. Oh, and Fleetwood Mac, I've always fantasized it was me in the band, since I was 8 years old. I swear, I could convince myself that "Silver Springs" was really written about me, I've lived in la-la land so long.... so anyway, this rambling is just to say that I have this weird thing about wanting the glory, but alas, I am pretty much sure, from comments I have received, that I am one step away from tone deafness.
So anyway, I better run since it's late and I have a crick in my neck. I'll let y'all know baby news as soon as it comes - poor Rach is tuckered out.
Talk soon,JT