Sunday, September 29, 2013

shuddap already, I've been busy

Oy!  Sorry for the absence, but I got carried away twerking.  You know how it is.  One minute you are writing a blog, and the next?  You end up swallowing your tongue in a quasi-epileptic fit and shaking your onion to the sweet white-bread soul of Robin Thicke.  It happens.
Ok, Ok, I confess - it's more like I've been caught in the Facebook creeping friends of friends of friends cycle that never seems to lead you home.  Case in point: tonight, I was laying with one of the children whilst they tried to fall asleep, and I was on FB.  I actually am not sure how, but I ended up clicking on somebody I know, but would never be FB friends with:  my sister's former step-mother-in-law.  She's really sweet, but is the most fundamentalist religious person I know.  Indeed, my dearly departed mother used to call her "Bless You", as she says those words every two minutes.  Indeed, Bless You is a born again Christian, and won't ever let you forget it.  In addition to the "bless you's", she's full of Bible stories and things that you never really understand.  I still remember when Rachel and I got engaged.  She was visiting out here that Xmas, and we ran over to my sister's to tell her, and Bless You launched into this long story about Daniel or Matthew or John or something in First Corinthians about marriage and I had no idea what she was even talking about.  She called here last winter looking for my sister's new number, and when I asked how she was, she replied that all her kids were serving the Lord, so things were great.  And while you might laugh at that, she's so frigging sincere in all of this, it doesn't even bother me really.  But anyway, tonight, I somehow ended up on her FB page, and then clicked on her kids and her grandkids, and then her grandson in law, who is now a youth minister (I remember him as a baby, back when I went to the same church as Bless You, and this youth minister's parents were ministers).  Anyway, to get back to my own newsfeed, I kept having to hit the "back" button, and I realized just how far away from home I was.  And so that's my excuse for not blogging.  And I'm sticking to it.
So what's new since January, you ask?  Not a whole fuck of a lot.  It was the longest, wettest winter in fucking history, so that sucked.  I gained lots of weight, lost some of it, gained most back, spent most of the summer camping, went to see Fleetwood Mac, got a nice tan (but not as good as last year), went to the dentist a bunch of times, figured out how to get Hulu in Canada (and thus more reason for my absence), etc.  In short, nothing earth shattering has happened.
I can't even write much tonight - long story short, I have an injured finger and I can't type - nothing serious - but suffice to say I'm literally bleeding on the keyboard, so I am going to let you go now, but I will be back soon.