Monday, August 21, 2006

I am just saying hey before sleepytime. It's after midnight and I have nothing to say. Went to the lake yesterday, just got back tonight, watched Big Brother and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and here I am. I am trying to make a Jackson Browne CD at the moment too, but I just don't have the energy. Let me say that the lake was wonderful, but the trees are all yellow leaved. I am not lying, it's pretty much fall out in the country. It hit me like a ton of bricks.
Second, let me comment on Big Brother and say that tonight's episode has me so confused, and was so action packed that I am not going to comment today. It was interesting.
So anyway, I am going to run now and reread another snippet from my book - I am rereading one of my favorites of last year, which I can't remember the name of (it's across the room). I think it's called "Never Forget: An Oral History of 9/11" from people who were in the building, or from cops or firepersons. Well, firemen, as I don't know if there ARE fire women in NY. Anyway, I loved the book. I am rereading it again. Did anyone else read the whatever the hell it was called, the 9/11 Commission book? That was a page turner too. But anyway, I have this weird obsession with the Towers and can't get enough of reading about them. And now that the anniversary is coming around, I'm into it again. I will never, ever forget that day or that fear. I actually could have been in Boston for a free trip the Labour Day weekend, which weirds me out. But anyway.... I remember Margo calling me at my office when all the shit was going down, right after they announced that plane was missing, the one that crashed into the field, and she sounded all freaky and she says "I have no canned food. I have no canned food" because she thought there was going to basically be the end of times that night, and I calmed her down and then thought 'fuck, I've got no canned goods either!" And since Kelly was just like 4 months old that day, it completely made me mental and I remember just bawling on my couch like some nelly little baby, but you know how it is when you think of bringing your kids into all this bullshit in the world.... it was such a horrible feeling.
I remember my sister was the one who woke me up that morning at 8, calling and yelling about the trade center being gone, just gone, a plane in it and it's gone, and I didn't know what in the hell she was talking about so she made me turn on cnn and i just couldn't figure it out. She's always calling when disaster strikes, so I call her Typhoid Mary.
ANyway, I am rambling and I need to get to sleep. Talk tomorrow I hope.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't read those books but I think I would like them. I am obsessed with all the 911 stuff too. I wonder if the movie that is coming out will be good. I am sure that I will rent it anyways.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Chunks said...

Once again, our brain cells are colliding, although the 9/11 stuff just makes me so sad. Like I still remember live video coverage on CNN where people were running down the street covered in ash and screaming. Oh, it haunts me.

Big Brother was action packed. Go to Hamsterwatch and take in all the extras!

Oh and the midget getting it on thing reminded me of you saying to Margo "No one wants to think about a midget getting it on" or some such thing. I wish she still had that old blog, because there was funny shit on there!

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Cynthia Fye said...

Just checking in. Too hot again in Seattle. I'm at present obsessed with Little League Baseball. Canada just lost to Venazuela. Oregon is not looking so good. Saudia Arabia has a kid who is (not kidding) 6' 8" at age 12. Since all you seeds are girls, I doubt that baseball is in your future or maybe not.
I think the Jon Bonet weirdo just didn't want to go to jail in Thialand so he confessed in order to get back to USA. Where else would you get shrimp and chammpaign on you plane trip.
JT "keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny". It's a song I like. Bluegrass. Love you and yours. Your the best Dad a girl could have. xxoo CC


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