Monday, August 21, 2006

Had the weirdest dream last night. I was in Shopper's Drug Mart and ran into Sharon's husband Ringo and their son, J.R. Well, J.R. was morphed into this huge, surly teenager, and for some reason we were trying to embarass him, so Ringo and I start talking loud and being stupid. Well, on the shelf was this new product, called something like "soup on a stick". It was like this hi-liter, with a Campbell's label on it, and when you took the cap off, it was this soup stick and you just put it in a cup of water, and voila, instant soup. So, we were making a big deal about it, and got into this heated discussion about if you should make tomato soup with milk or water. It was really stupid. I should sell the idea to Campbell's.
Today I went to another goodbye lunch for someone else I used to work with. I finally feel disconnect from that place. I sort of felt like an intruder, but I can't really say why. It was also a putrid lunch. Absolutely putrid. We had the buffet, and this is what it consisted of: "salad", which was nothing more that romaine lettuce, some cole slaw looking stuff, and this weird pasta salad thing. It also had these chunks of cheddar, but not bite sized - like, they were CHUNKS. Then for food, it was rice, some weird mashed potato thing, this sort of pepper steak thing without peppers (don't ask), and this big pasta thing which was penne noodles, baked with cheese, and this yellow sauce. So, I load up on it because i thought it was safe to eat, and just cheese sauce. Well, turns out it was curry. So Sharon and I are sitting next to Lucy, who is sort of this hippy but sort of a foodie, or so we have always thought since she served us mangoes in rum sauce from her camping cookstove. So I exclaim "oh, curry!" and Sharon goes "yeah, it is, isn't it?" and it's good for like a spoon or two, and then it just gets gross. So when it's dessert time I tell Lucy I will get her some dessert because she didn't have the buffet, and she says she wants chocolate, and all they have is this rice crispy thing covered in chocolate. Oh, and this place we were at is sort of hoity toity, which is really a fucking crock.
So I sit through this lunch and get all pissy, because I am thinking "they didn't make this big a fuss when I left" and "I didn't get that nice of a picture" and all that stupid shit. So then at about 3:30 I am jonesing for something to eat and realize then I hated my lunch so i call Sharon and say "hey, did you think lunch was gross?" and she's all "hell yeah, disgusting!" and then we mimicked ourselves saying "oh, curry!" and I am all "I wanted a piece of cheese, not a brick!" and, well, God love our bitching..... we do it well. And then during the goodbye speech by the person who was leaving, she got all weepy and was just bawling, and so one or two others got all teary looking and Sharon looks at me, and I look at her and she starts tugging at her armpit a bit and mouths "remind me later" and we are both sort of giggly, and just stupid to not be touched by the crying, but instead wanting to laugh. So I ask her later, and she tells me Garfunkel, this annoying piece of work we used to work with, who is pregnant, was scratching and rubbing her pregnant belly during all of this, and crying too, but she was rubbing so low it looked like she was playing with herself, and then I guess Lucy had "headlights" and that was throwing Sharon and the person next to her off. So, yet again, a Seinfeld lunch. But I am really detatching from them, a year later. It's about damn time.
Canadian Idol is so damn terrible. You gotta see if you can watch old performances just to see how creepy this Newfie "boy" is - ugh.
My oldest starts kindergarten next week - i don't want to talk about it, because i'll get all weepy, so don't say anything when i am all freaky next week - i'll have to work it out in my own way. I hate to send my sweet, innocent little sweetie out into that cruel work... sigh... but as i said, i don't want to talk about it.
anyway, i gotta get my arse to bed, because i am so frigging tired this week. i have no energy. i have no energy to even capitalize my sentences on here, which is a bad sign, and something that usually annoys the piss out of me.
Have a good day peeps.


At 2:08 AM, Blogger Chunks said...

That's two posts with no title, and sometimes your titles are like the cherry on top of the sundae, so I really miss the titles.

Anyway, the lunching with the former co-workers thing is weird. Detach. Cut yourself loose. Be done.

Kindergarten is the first step on a very long road, dear. Eventually, they will all be gone to college, so start bracing yourself now. It will okay. If I can live through it, anyone can, because I am emotionally unstable. hahah!

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed the lack of titles too. Please bring them back.
I can imagine how I would have been at that lunch.I probably would have gotten all pissy and just had water, then stopped at mcd's on the way home just prove a point..
How exciting that the little one is off to school.. I can imagine how much of a transition that will be for you 2.. so is she excited:??


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