Sunday, September 16, 2007

Could the Emmy's BE any stupider?

Haven't been watching the Emmys for long, but I will pipe in with this in the meantime: Terri Hatcher looks like she's made of rubber. Seriously, I looked at her and expect that she smells like silly putty, and if she rubbed up against a Sunday paper, she'd have the Family Circus of Cathy Guisewuite on her ass.
Second, Tony Benett keeps winning for some stupid shit and who the hell cares, but bitch has had some good work done too. Also, his wife - I bet he has hemeroids older than she is. But yes, I am sure she married for love. I am just being cynical thinking she's smiling up at him whilst thinking "die, damnit, die!" It's a little more believable than Tony Randall and his wife, that child he married before he croaked, but still.... what 30 year old wants to knock boots with an 80 year old?
Third, Helen Mirren won just because she is an Oscar winner. None of the voters saw the stupid movie she was in, some Masterpiece Theatre thing. And she always gives some really stupid speech. And why 40 minutes of fucking tv movie awards? Do they MAKE tv movies still? I miss me a good cheesy tv movie.
Forth, Ryan Seacrest is just horrid.
Fifth, this strange stage is annoying and doesn't work.
Six, well, there is no sixth, but whatever.
Anyway, cutting this short tonight. Y'all have a good Monday.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Chunks said...

I watched too. I loved the theatre in the round bit. I thought it was funny when Tony won and then ran back to his seat. LOL! Senility is charming!

I didn't know any of the shows. I am lame.


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